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A Pit Bull Killed A 77-Year-Old Man

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A man identified as Jamiro Coelho Ferreira, 77, died after being attacked by a pit bull dog early on Saturday morning (11), inside the “Fazenda Caracol” where he had been working for just a week, in the Cruzeiro region, in rural Natividade, near the border with Itaperuna.

According to records from the 143rd Police Station/Itaperuna to which Rádio Natividade had access, a colleague, at around 6am, when he arrived to start his work, came across the animal barking a lot and attacking Jamiro. After a few moments, he managed to drive the dog away and lock it in the kennel, with the help of a neighbor.

Jamiro was taken by ambulance to the Raposo municipal medical center, from where he was transferred to São José do Avaí Hospital, where he did not resist and died. His body will be taken to the IML in Campos. The Civil Police will launch an investigation into the incident.

The attack

Videos circulating on social media show the victim - whose clothes were torn by the animal - seriously injured and with his face torn apart.

A witness heard by the police said that one of Jamiro's jobs was to feed the dog, which had been raised as a puppy on the property. She had always been docile, with no previous reports of violent reactions.

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