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Man Beheads His Young Wife

Rokna wrote that a young man in Ahvaz beheaded his 17-year-old wife in front of people in Kasaei Square on Saturday afternoon and fled after a few minutes of walking. According to Rokna, the killer and his brother, who was his accomplice, have been arrested

  1. MadMan2022 15 February 2022 13:02
    Hell yea, The Sand Nigger is proud to carry his cheating wife's head around. Fantastic. Awesome.
  2. Fetid01 21 February 2022 17:13
    She was past her "best by" date. He already had a good 12 years worth of enjoyment from her. I bet he already has his next wife picked out. His 6 year old niece.....
    1. LeopardsSpots 15 July 2022 18:33
      OMG. lololololol
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