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Woman Brutally Attacked By Man Using Knife

  1. bomb 23 April 2022 10:53
    literally this population is only concerned with phones and petty shit that's why this dude was waving 2 phones around and pressing the button so the screen wont dim
    1. ziggereto 6 May 2022 21:05
      I'm imagining that hes caught her cheating before, then she promised to quit, suspected her cheating again, completely fed up, has just found out she has been using a secret phone.
  2. Rorke 8 May 2022 03:49
    she deserved it
  3. killer_c7 19 October 2022 22:01
    the way she spread he legs at the end is nice. if i was the killer, I would of ripped those jeans and beat the shit out of that pussy!
    1. GOODTRAINNIG 13 January 2023 14:28
      typical "based" thinking...try an ascended mind state, not shackling your mind to your base desire.
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