An Elderly Woman Has Both Legs Crushed

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The Woman Had The Strength To Pull Her Mutilated Leg Out From Under The Wheel

 3         0

The Woman's Leg Was Left On The Motorcycle

 197         1

Gas Explosion In A Moving Car On A Highway

 135         0

A Man Stuck In A Wrecked Car Screams Terribly

 328         0

A Man Under The Wheels Of A Truck Turned Into A Piece Of Meat

 180         0

The Bus With Passengers Stopped To Look At The Terrible Accident

 201         0

A Man Is Resting Having An Open Fracture Of His Leg

 472         0

The Bus Lost Control Crashed Into A Gas Station. One Person Died

 216         0

Woman Worker Crushed By Forklift

 316         0

Guy With A Sword In His Head

 256         0

The Woman Drowned Wanting To Swim In The Hole. Russia

 416         0

Three People Died And Four Were Injured In The Collapse Of Building Structures. Ecuador

 326         0

The Wheels Of The Bus Divided The Motorcyclist In Two

 272         0

Worker Wrapped Around The Shaft

 445         0

Workshop Wheel Explosion (Three Episodes)

 343         1

Eyewitnesses Rescue Man From Burning Car

 223         0

Motorcyclist Crashed Into A Parked Road Service Vehicle

 292         0

It's Just Not Your Day

 256         0

Two Motorcyclists Went Flying

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