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Teenager Stabbed 17-Year-old Boy More Than 60 Times. India

Police said the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, was apprehended on Wednesday morning and booked for murder.

A teenager stabbed a 17-year-old boy at least 60 times, tried to slice through his neck, kicked his head and dragged his blood-soaked body around a narrow bylane in Welcome neighbourhood in northeast Delhi, even as he occasionally broke into a dance during the frenzied attack, police said on Wednesday, in a gruesome murder that played out beneath CCTV cameras.

Police said the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, was apprehended on Wednesday morning and booked for murder. The boy, a school drop-out, was inebriated during the murder, which took place on Tuesday night, confirmed officers. He lives with his parents, both of whom are daily wage labourers.

The victim was identified as a resident of nearby Jafrabad, where he lived with his mother, who worked as a domestic help.
Police did not reveal the victim’s name, arguing that he is a minor.

Investigators said the two did not know each other. The suspect approached the victim in Janta Mazdoor Colony in Welcome and asked him for ₹350 to buy biryani. The 16-year-old then tried to rob the boy when he refused, leading to a scuffle. The suspect then choked the victim and left him unconscious, said police.
Footage captured on CCTV cameras installed in the neighbourhood played out the rest of the murder in gory detail.

The video of the murder, which took place around 10.20pm, shows the suspect dragging the victim’s limp body into a cramped bylane in the neighbourhood, with houses on either side.
He then begins relentlessly stabbing the side of the victim’s neck, his ears and face. The boy pauses occasionally and looks up, appearing to usher away passersby to his left.

He begins stabbing the boy again, before looking to his right and walking out of the frame while appearing to speak to somebody. At this point, the victim’s head moves, suggesting he is still alive. However, the victim returns seconds later and begins stabbing again.

The 17-year-old then briefly pauses, looks around, stamps the victim’s back and then kicks his head. Then, he kneels and slices across his neck repeatedly, before proceeding to dig his knife and twist.
Around a minute-and-a-half into the video, having stabbed the boy roughly 30 times, the suspect appears to break into a hysterical dance for a few seconds.

He drags the boy’s body to one side. While the victim is out of the frame at this point, the suspect can be seen stabbing away ceaselessly. Around 12 seconds later, the boy then grabs the victim by the hair and drags him out of that bylane.

Local residents later took the boy to GTB Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

This CCTV footage helped police identify and apprehend the suspect.

Joy Tirkey, deputy commissioner of police (north-east), said the two boys weren’t previously acquainted.

“They ran into each other in Janta Mazdoor Colony. When the victim refused to give the ₹350 he had on him, the suspect tried to rob him,” he said.

“He then choked the 17-year-old. When the victim collapsed, the boy stabbed him multiple times, left him to die and fled with the ₹350 cash,” added Tirkey. The boy stabbed him around 60 times, he said.
The officer also confirmed that some residents tried to intervene, but were scared away by the victim.

“The boy was drunk during the attack”, Tirkey said.

Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) member Ranjana Prasad said the panel will intervene in the case and look to counsel the suspect.
“The child may not have had an education or a healthy environment at home. He may also have been exposed to violence while growing up...” said Prasad.

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