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Woman Pours Gasoline On Her Boyfriend & Sets Him On

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A 40-year-old businessman, whose name has not yet been released, suffered serious burns after his girlfriend, a dentistry student, set fire to his body.

The incident took place in front of a bar located on Rua Maceió, Conjunto Vieiralves, neighborhood of Nossa Senhora das Graças, Central-South Zone of Manaus.

The woman also suffered burns because a small amount of the same gasoline she bought to set her boyfriend's body on fire spilled on her shirt and caught fire.

The version that has been circulated is that the dentistry student was going to get engaged with the businessman, precisely last Monday night.

What was supposed to be a night of happiness and togetherness for the couple turned into a scene of violence after the young woman received photographs of the businessman kissing and hugging his ex-wife in the bar where it all happened.

Driven by a strong crisis of jealousy, the dentistry student went to the gas station, bought gasoline and set the businessman's body on fire.

The man suffered several burns, was rescued by friends and taken to the 28 de Agosto Hospital and Emergency Room where he remains hospitalized in serious condition.

The woman suffered burns to her hands, arms and part of her chest, was arrested in the act by a team of military police and taken to the hospital.

The police report from the 1st Integrated Police District (DIP) contains a record of attempted qualified homicide, a crime for which the university student will face legal action.

A video recorded by the security camera in front of the bar where everything happened shows the dentistry student in agony until she managed to remove the burning shirt from her body.

The images were published this afternoon on social media and the video also shows the moment that the university student got out of the app car with the bucket of gasoline in her hands.

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