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Pedophile Hunters

UK pedophile hunters catch a predator on live stream and he tries to kill himself but fails

  1. giverofthechooch 26 August 2022 18:43
    let the whore kill himself. on the other hand though some progressive idiot might try and prosecute the camera man with a 'premeditated manslaughter' charge.
  2. InBrad 27 August 2022 20:45
    Fucking white ass, pink face neander faggots love fucking kids. White power 👉🏻👌🏻
    1. Mondolife 22 October 2022 09:20
      Do we have a sad little nigger here? I know you WISH you were white...but you are not. never will be. Sorry you fucking nig-nog lmao (black) clown.
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