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Police Investigate Incident In Co Down Linked To Social Media Video Where Man Is ‘stabbed’ In Head

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Police have said they are investigating an incident in Co Down after a video shared on social media appears to show a man being stabbed in the head.
The incident occurred in the Brookfield Meadows area of Banbridge on Saturday, February 11. A spokesperson for the PSNI said no arrests have been made at this time but enquiries are ongoing. The video shows a male and a woman in an altercation outside a property. The man accuses the woman of spitting at him before he spits back towards her. She then strikes him a number of times on the back of the head.
The male, who is recording the video, said she is “stabbing” him. He then aims the camera at the back of his head where blood can be seen coming from a wound and streaming down his neck. The two minute long video continues with the pair shouting profanities at each other

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    NATEHIGGERS69 18 March 2023 02:41
    Why aren’t they speaking English?