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Elderly Man Suspected Of Killing His Granddaughter

The brutal stabbing happened on Friday 2nd, n the rural area of Vila Bom Futuro, in the municipality of Garrafão do Norte, in the Northeast of Pará.
The victim identified as M.d.S.R., aged 29 years old, was brutally stabbed in the stomach and killed by a 74-year-old man, identified as Antônio Cabral Cavalcanti, husband of the victim's grandmother.
According to information, the victim had resisted sexual harassment when she was assaulted and stabbed several times in her stomach and abdomen, after denying his advances. She managed run to the house of neighbour's bleeding profusely and pleading for help.
Police and emergency services raced to the scene. She was taken to the hospital in the neighbouring city of Nova Esperança do Piriá, but could not resist and died along with the child in the womb before arriving at the hospital.
The accused fled the scene but was arrested hours later

  Elderly Man Suspected Of Killing His Granddaughter

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