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18 Year Old Dude Got 8 Bullets While In A Bar

Mateus Almeida De Oliveira, an 18-year-old young man, was shot dead last night (9), in a bar, in the Turmalina neighborhood, in Governador Valadares, in the Vale do Rio Doce region. At the crime scene, the military found eight exploded cases of 9mm caliber ammunition on the floor. The victim had five bullet marks on the head, one on the neck, one on the shoulder and another on the left forearm.Witnesses caught the moment of the crime and called the Military Police (PM). According to reports, a white Toyota Etios sedan approached the bar located on the banks of BR-381 and one of the individuals in the vehicle fired the shots.
The suspects then fled the ring road. One of the PM vehicles deployed to the case spotted a car with the same characteristics on the access road to the highway. A stop order was given, but the high-speed vehicle disobeyed and pierced the blockade, initiating a chase through the city's neighborhoods.
After numerous dangerous maneuvers, the Etios collided with a wall of a residence. The suspects started to flee on foot, and one of them, a 23-year-old man, threw a Taurus pistol into a vacant lot. The author was reached by one of the military and found a weapon. The other man fled through the streets of the neighborhood, having invaded some houses

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