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Drunk, Old Man Killed An Elderly Woman

A distressing incident unfolded involving a 60-year-old man assaulting an 85-year-old woman using an umbrella, resulting in the tragic demise of a woman named K.G. The entire incident was captured on video by onlookers, including two minors. Shockingly, none of the bystanders intervened to aid the elderly lady. In connection with this heinous act, the police have taken four individuals into custody.
Law enforcement officials revealed that the accused, identified as P.S., was under the influence of alcohol and exhibited signs of delusion. Reportedly, the man was inebriated and incapacitated at the time he encountered the elderly woman.
According to a senior police officer, "The accused appeared to have developed a misguided belief that he was an embodiment of Lord Shiva, convinced that by causing harm to the woman, he could somehow restore her to life."
The video footage showcases the elderly man seated beside the woman, asserting, "I am a devoted follower of Lord Shiva, and I have been sent by him to deliver a message to you." Subsequently, he struck the woman forcefully in the chest

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