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Video Of The Murder Of A Previously Missing Man Appeared On Social Networks In Brazil

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At the family's request, the Camocim Police 24h blog posted the case the day after the disappearance. Remember HERE. Two suspects were detained, but as there was no further evidence, both were released.
Unfortunately, the case of the disappearance of Francisco Cristiano da Hora Frota, 37 years old, born in Camocim and who lived on Rua Central, Conjunto da Ana Maria, in the Boa Esperança neighborhood, had a tragic end. The victim had disappeared around 2pm on Monday, the 16th, and until then there was no further news.

Beaten to death

As determined by the editorial staff of the Camocim Police 24h blog, the military police officers of Raio de Camocim had access to a video that was circulated on social media showing two individuals beating the victim with clubs. In the video, the victim is already unconscious inside a shallow grave while two individuals beat the victim with sticks.


According to the police, the suspects were recognized through the video images, and they were still wearing the same clothes worn on the day of the crime. They were a minor and an adult, both with police records. They would have confessed to the crime to the PM's, including one of them reporting that the victim had stolen from a family member a few days ago. The two were taken to the DRPC in Granja where only the pm's were heard. Only a B.O. was made. due to no longer being flagrant. The two suspects were accompanied by lawyers and were released. An investigation will be opened by ordinance to determine the best case.

Buried body

According to the police, the suspects buried the body in a thicket close to Lago Seco, in the same place where the victim was killed. During the morning of this Saturday, the 21st, a team from the Fire Department and another from Pefoce will attend the scene to locate the body, dig it up and take it to the IML in Sobral. The police are investigating who the person who took the video at the time of the accident is. Unfortunately, with this case, Camocim now records 34 homicides in 2023.


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