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26 Year Old Dude Accidentally Killed 62 Year Old Man

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A 62-year-old man died after being hit by a 26-year-old man in Patrocínio, in Alto Paranaíba, late this Friday morning (10). The victim was a disabled person and was allegedly attacked after offering a bullet to the suspect's girlfriend.

According to preliminary information, the victim, identified as Valdir Prates Braga, was leaving home when he encountered a couple at the door of the property. The elderly man handed the girl a bullet and left. Out of jealousy, the 26-year-old suspect went after Valdir and threw a “fly” on the victim’s back, who fell to the ground and never got up.

The Military Police and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) were called. As a result of the impact, the elderly man suffered a cut on his forehead and ended up suffering a fatal cardiorespiratory arrest on the way to the hospital.


  1. Pennywise 12 November 2023 13:52
    His mother probably forgot to make him breakfast.
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